“Sierra Blanco’s images are full of emotion. They express an artistic sensitivity that has the ability to move and inspire.” ~ Grace Ormonde – Wedding Style Magazine

Hi Tina and Kevin,

I am writing to tell you what an amazing job you both did last weekend at our wedding....I truly couldn't have asked for a better day!! Josh and I had the time of our lives and we were so happy that you were there to share it with us!

I found out the next day about the break-in that happened outside the venue just before the wedding and my heart literally broke thinking about how devastated you two must have been.....especially after the hard week you had back in Arizona. You two were so professional the whole time and didn't appear the least bit distracted or upset which is so incredible to me. I would have been in tears and unable to go on if something that tragic happened. I can only imagine how hard that day must have been for you both and I can't tell you how sorry I am for what happened. I am not sure how I can help out but if there is ANYTHING I can do at all, please let me know. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did that day! Take care, - Leah/Josh

(The “break-in” Leah is referring to happened on a destination wedding in San Francisco one hour before her wedding was to begin. Our car was broken into and ALL of our photography equipment was stolen. We went to a photography store and bought all new equipment and photographed the wedding.)


Kevin and Tina, 

Thank you both so much! We love them! Drew kept saying "I remember when that was happening"! You guys captured so many beautiful moments of our wedding day. I cannot tell you how much I love the pictures of me hugging my grandparents! The lighting and storms look beautiful in the background! And - we knew Cookie [Sara and Drew’s puppy] was beautiful, we had no idea just how adorable she looked that day! Thank you so much, you guys did such and amazing job, and were more than we ever could have asked for! Thank you both so much! – Sara/Drew


Tina and Kevin,   

OMG!! OMG!! Brian and I LOVE our pictures........Sorry it's taken me sooo long to e-mail you guys, but I think it's because I just can't find the words to express how much we love our pictures....The only word that comes to mind is "OMG"... LOL.....Thank you again for being.... well, pretty much the best photographers in the world!!! :) Adios!!! – Amy/Brian


Kevin and Tina,

Ok ... So there is always supposed to be an obligatory thank you note for a job well done. But how can we say just Thank You! Simply said ... you're the BEST! Not just Best Wedding photographers ... Just the Best PHOTOGRAPHERS anyone could ever have. WOW! You've blown us away at every phase of this experience. You captured every element of our wedding, and then also helped shape our "after wedding experience" as well. We are forever touched by how you handled our entire wedding photography challenge. The final Book is exceptional. The Disk is terrific. The Website was outstanding. And, to top it off, we now think of you as our friends, as well. We're indebted to you for your outstanding work. Fantastic Job!
With great fondness and respect ... Sincerely, Glenn and Terry Barber

( We went on to shoot Terry's daughters wedding. There in no better testimonial that that!! See the next Testimonial.)


Tina and Kevin,      

THANK YOU! These were worth the wait! You captured the emotions beautifully. Have to admit we cried as we looked through them. We seriously need to get dinner sometime! – Terry Barber (Mother of Bride) – Jamie/Mike


Happy New Year Kevin and Tina!    

Bebe and I were just reminiscing about the past year and our wedding and are so happy you were able to document it so beautifully! – Dagogo/Bebe – Destination Wedding in Nigeria, Africa


Hi Tina (For Angie)...               

Just received the CDs and the artwork on the disk is so cute! Just to reiterate, we're sooo in love with our pictures! Angie did an amazing job. We've been sharing them with our family and friends and the compliments are pouring in. She did exactly what we asked - unique shots and a little bit of posed pics - and she captured the day perfectly. We're two very satisfied customers! As a side note - it's also been a great experience dealing (or emailing) with you as well. You're also so prompt and knowledgeable. We're recommending you guys to anyone in the market for photographers. Thanks again! – Michelle/David


WOW! All I can say is that Tina and Kevin made our wedding the most memorable day in history! If you want photographers who get to know you and what you want, then you found them! Tina and Kevin were amazing! They gave us a photo-journalist view on our special day. They were great to work with, easy and fun! We not only got amazing pictures, but have wonderful new friends. They were able to stay on the down-low, to the point where I had guests asking where our photographers were because they went un-noticed!! They captured more than pictures that day, and we will always be thankful! You won't be sorry using these photographers! My husband is a photographer himself and could not have been more pleased with Sierra Blanco! – Lea/Ari


Tina & Kevin are amazing photographers and wonderful people to work with! Our wedding photos came out more beautiful than we could every have imagined. We feel so lucky to have such a gorgeous works of art to remember our wedding by. We would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! And it is wonderful that they love to travel and do destination weddings. We had no issues at all with them getting out to Napa and being more than ready to go with everything. They even stuck around for a day after shoot that came out beautiful as well.
We were so happy with how all of our pictures came out. I thought it was pretty impressive that out of 1220 pictures of the wedding day there were on 18 in which we didn't like one of our faces or something and didn't share with all of our wedding guests. I think that says a lot about how great they are at capturing each and every moment perfectly. You will not find any photographers as good at what they do and easy to work with as Tina and Kevin! They allow you to be who you are and capture it perfectly. Picking them to be our photographers was by far the best decision I made, except for my husband of course! – Theresa/Chris – Destination Wedding in Napa, California

The best of the best. We could not have asked for more. We never felt rushed and their work is absolutely stunning! – Michelle/Eric